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The Ken’s Classic Trax web site does not store or collect any information about you whatsoever.  However, like many web sites I link to Google Analytics to understand the pattern of traffic, and one consequence of this is that Google sends cookies which are stored on your computer and enable Google to gather usage statistics. All this is perfectly normal, not sinister, and makes the World Wide Web convenient to use...

Unless you are paranoid about it of course, in which case you probably already routinely clear cookies and browsing history, and have the Google Analytics Opt-Out Tool installed (info here).

External services are used to implement my events calendar*, contact form*, and mailing list**, so if you choose to register for them you are subject to the privacy implemented on those web sites... and that is not under my control. These are:

AreYouDancing.com privacy statement

Mailchimp.com Privacy for Contacts

* It is not necessary to register with AYD in order to access my events calendar, although AYD may set cookies in the process.  Neither is it necessary to register in order to access my contact form, although you will need to submit an email address which will be forwarded to me.  Registering with AYD provides additional benefits such as email listings of dance events in your area.

** Using the mailing list management service provided by a third party (in this case Mailchimp) enables me to comply with the requirements of GDPR and PECR by using a service committed to compliance – in this case, specifically, the requirement to auditably verify that a subscriber really has opted in, the means to easily opt out, and the security of any personal data collected for that purpose.

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