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11: Me and AADC 

I have been a member of Avon Amateur Dancers Club since 1991, and was co-opted onto the committee in 2013 once I was in a position to give my time to the Club.  During my service on the committee I took on management of the Club’s Internet resources; curation of the Club’s music library; DJ for tea dances and club practise nights; rota organizing; editing and publishing the Newsletter; updating and publishing the rule book; key helper at club functions and competitions; and many other things besides.

Even before joining the committee, I set up and ran the Club’s first website for several years (at my own expense), but was severely snubbed when somebody told the Committee they could do it better and nobody thought to involve me in the discussion!  They then walked off the job and left me to pick up the pieces.  Neither was I ever considered for the John Causon Award (recognising members who have put themselves out for the benefit of the Club) for my efforts.

I have stepped down from the committee, and broken away from AADC (or more particularly the administration behind AADC), due to irreconcilable differences of opinion over ethical standards, personal integrity, and what constitutes a “club”.  I will not perform any of my previous services, because to do so would give the appearance of supporting that administration, and inevitably result in a conflict of interests.  I retain Honorary Life Member status, and may consider resuming involvement with the club if there are changes at the top.

I also have nothing to do with the so-called “Phoenix Dance Community” (which meets at Horfield, replacing the entirely honourable Flamingo Dance Club) for similar reasons.

Anyone wanting to know more is welcome to contact me.