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Ken's Classic Trax logo

1: How do I get rid of these Background Graphics? 

Don’t you like them?  I’m sorry about that, but they are completely optional and you can turn them off just by clicking the link at the top of every page.

Having clicked the link, the graphics will be turned off for the remainder of the time you are browsing this web site (so long as you don’t leave to somewhere else and click one of their links to come back).  To turn them back on, click the link again.

If you want never to see the background graphics at all when you visit my web site, not even on the first page, bookmark the link rather than the page itself – or make sure you have “?-” appended to your bookmark.  This won’t work if you follow a link from somewhere else to get here.

I could have made it a memorised option, but that would mean storing a cookie on your computer... and at the moment I have no need to use cookies and therefore no need to request your permission to store cookies on your computer.  But when I do, I’ll make it a tick box option.